Improving Self-Confidence and Core Skills in Maths for Teaching Assistants


‘Great training- engaging, entertaining, clear and informative. Made learning maths fun for the first time in my life!’

C Lillywhite, Teacher



Invest in this training and develop teaching assistants’:


  • Ability to develop children’s independence as learners so they think for themselves and become resilient learners


  • Understanding of how to use ‘Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract’ approaches to improve children’s mathematical talk, reasoning and problem solving


  • Role in assessing children’s understanding and capturing vital evidence of learning throughout a lesson


  • Confidence in their own ability to learn and enjoy maths at a high level and practical ways of addressing this

Further Details


This essential training is delivered over three half days allowing staff to take action back in school and build confidence, skill and knowledge for sustained change.


Session 1:


‘Everyone can learn maths well’: Developing a Mathematical Growth Mindset for All Learners


  • Why your mindset matters most.


  • Developing TA mathematical confidence, knowledge and skills  to improve the effectiveness of their role in the classroom. 


  • A fascinating and life-changing session using up-to-date research around ‘Growth Mindset’, how the brain learns maths most effectively and the vital role of supportive adults in this process.


Sessions 2 and 3:


‘Essential Number Sense’ Giving every child the skills they need to be successful in maths


  • Understanding the structures of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


  • Exploring why the ‘=’ sign doesn’t mean ‘the answer is’ or ‘makes‘ but instead denotes ‘equivalence‘ and connecting this to comparative models using Cuisenaire rods and bar modelling (supporting problem solving, calculation and algebra)


  • How to use the ‘Concrete- Pictorial-Abstract’ (Singapore/Bruner) to give ALL children the opportunity to be successful learners


  • Teaching place value (unitizing and ‘base ten’) with understanding and meaningful application using ‘Ten Frames’




Who is suitable for?

Teaching assistants from the EYFS to Year 6

Organisational Options:

Three half day sessions 

  • Mornings 9:00am- 12:00 or  afternoons from 1:15pm-4:15pm (can be adjusted to suit your needs)
  • Single school or local cluster
  • Costs start at only £375 (+VAT) for a single school or £35 (+VAT) per delegate for a local cluster with up to 4  free places for the host school*

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    Thank you so much Karen. I enjoyed the training this morning tremendously and tried out the ideas straight after lunch with my class leading to 20 mins of enthusiastic discussion! Brilliant!

    The children said they really enjoyed it and wanted to do more so I am definitely going to be changing my teaching!’

  • Thank you for showing us HOW to change. So many courses just tell us what isn't working but not how to go about addressing this. Your approaches make so much sense! Thank you.

  • Just to say thank you again for 3 really brilliant talks at SGIS. We're a small school near Basel and we’d be interested in anything you’re doing nearby (Zurich way) so please let us know!