Building Strong Foundations: Teaching Place Value and Calculation in EYFS and KS 1


Too much teaching in the EYFS and Key Stage 1 is focused around counting in 1’s, leaving many children unable to work fluently and efficiently with number and impacting upon their progress in Key Stage 2.


Let’s change that:


  • Subitising: What it is and why is is an essential tool for every teacher in developing ‘concept images’ of number 


  • Ten Frames and Numicon: What we mean by a ‘concept image’ and why, without this, children will have to rely upon remembering rather than understanding 


  • Teaching Number Through Problem Solving: Using stories and relevant real-life contexts so that children are engaged, motivated and resilient learners


  • Teaching base 10 (place value) and ‘unitising: Securing the essential foundations of all future ability to calculate mentally, use formal methods, money, measures and understand multiplication, division and fractions


  • Teaching Early Algebra for Calculation: Why Cuisenaire rods and bar modelling are such wonderfully effective tools to help children make sense of inverse relationships, empty place calculations and more!

Who is suitable for?

EYFS and Key Stage 1 teams from:


  • Single schools
  • Clusters of schools


Costs start at £375 (+VAT)* for a half day

Cluster costs start at £35 (+VAT) per delegate per half day


Training also available internationally. Contact Karen for more details


*No additional expenses for cluster training. Basic expenses additional for other training types.



Testimonials Icon

    Thank you so much Karen. I enjoyed the training this morning tremendously and tried out the ideas straight after lunch with my class leading to 20 mins of enthusiastic discussion! Brilliant!

    The children said they really enjoyed it and wanted to do more so I am definitely going to be changing my teaching!’

  • Thank you for showing us HOW to change. So many courses just tell us what isn't working but not how to go about addressing this. Your approaches make so much sense! Thank you.

  • Just to say thank you again for 3 really brilliant talks at SGIS. We're a small school near Basel and we’d be interested in anything you’re doing nearby (Zurich way) so please let us know!