Teaching Times Tables (in ways that really work!)


Teaching and Learning Times Tables With Meaning (And using ways that work!)


‘Times Tables’ are essential tool for mathematical fluency; they ‘free up’ the brain to focus upon the problem rather than working out calculations. 


Teaching them separately, as ‘facts’ to be remembered, disconnects the learner’s understanding of what they are and how they are related to concepts such as multiples, factors, fractions, scaling and much more.


Join us for an afternoon full of ideas to use immediately with your class:


  • Try out new games and investigations to develop the fluency and ‘speed’ of recall we’re aiming for without the stress of weekly tests (so that when they are eventually tested they won’t panic and can actually think!)


  • Teach times tables facts through engaging problem solving, generate and understand multiples and factors using the ‘Concrete- Pictorial-Abstract’ approach


  • Learn ways to ‘de-stress’ your children and allow their brains to work at their best (including in tests)


Further Details


Arrival 1:15pm for 1:30pm start

4:30pm finish

Who is suitable for?

Teachers and Teaching Assistants 


October 11, 2018 1:30 pm
King's Norton Golf Club, Birmingham B48 7ED
October 18, 2018 1:30 pm
Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, Worcester WR3 8SZ

COST: £75 + VAT | £60 + VAT for additional places

Includes delicious afternoon tea and cake. Come and be looked after.

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    Thank you so much Karen. I enjoyed the training this morning tremendously and tried out the ideas straight after lunch with my class leading to 20 mins of enthusiastic discussion! Brilliant!

    The children said they really enjoyed it and wanted to do more so I am definitely going to be changing my teaching!’

  • Thank you for showing us HOW to change. So many courses just tell us what isn't working but not how to go about addressing this. Your approaches make so much sense! Thank you.

  • Just to say thank you again for 3 really brilliant talks at SGIS. We're a small school near Basel and we’d be interested in anything you’re doing nearby (Zurich way) so please let us know!