‘Speed or Sail?’ Encouraging Greater Depth Poster


Exciting New ‘Growth Mindset’ Resource for Maths!

Are your children jumping into the ocean of maths? Or are they on a speedboat missing out on the amazing journey along the way?

Professionally illustrated A3 size high-quality resource


Are your children travelling on speed or sailing boats? 

This engaging ‘mindset’ poster invites children to consider what being a ‘great learner’ in maths really means:

  • Are you trying to look cool and speed towards the answer before anyone else?
  • Perhaps instead you’re sailing and noticing everything along the way? ‘Dipping your toes’ into the ocean of maths 
  • Putting your head under the surface, where you can you see and experience even more!
  • Going to the greatest depths and then sharing what you have found so we can all benefit 


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