‘Great Mathematicians’ A3 Teacher Poster

Great Mathematicians Poster

How to be ‘Great at Maths’! Posters available in teacher A3 (wall) size and pupil A4 (table) size.

  • Focuses both teachers and children on the essential role of ‘Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract’
  • Develops children’s resilience and levels of engagement
  • Improves pupil talk, reasoning and explanation
  • Shows learners the value of their journey towards the answer


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Is a great mathematician someone who is quick, first and always right? 

Or are they thinkers, who can build, draw and explain their ideas to others? 

This exciting new resource supports teachers and pupils in focusing upon what really makes someone ‘Great at Maths’:

  • Emphasises the importance of ‘Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract’ 
  • Focusing upon the learning journey towards the answer
  • Values noticing, describing and explaining mathematical ideas 
  • Promotes depth of learning over ‘quick answers’

This resource is used as a key part of all KWE courses and in-school support. Contact Karen at info@karenwildingeducation.co.uk to explore options available to you.

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Teachers, Support assistants and children
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